We are changing Mindsets & changing Lives

MyMindset has brought to my attention the fact that I am capable of making small changes and those small changes have a big impact. I started MyMindset thinking there was no space in my life to make changes to welcome in more fun and relaxation. It turns it was actually fairly effortless - simply taking a moment to think about & answer the questions each day, taking a small action to incorporate my new way of thinking into my day, & then - viola! - before my eyes things were changing.
I have been doing life coaching sessions twice a month for over three years. The experience has been invaluable to me and I wouldn't think of stopping it. Then along came MyMindset and I thought it would be interesting to try a different and daily format of life coaching so I signed up. Little did I know that daily coaching would have such a positive impact on me. The daily questions are a great jump start for choosing how I want my day to go. I love MyMindset!! It is a great and positive addition to my busy life!!!
MyMindset has given me a focus as I begin each day. Throughout the day, I ponder the question that was sent to me and how I chose to answer it. Thinking about how I can choose how to go through my day reminds me that I have power over my life and that brings me peace and happiness.
MyMindset’s daily question reminds me to stay present and intentional on a daily basis. I set this time aside, for myself, everyday. I love the support I get from the coaches!
Vail www.vail.lbr... Skin Care Specialist, L'BRI Pure n' Natural
MyMindset has helped me hone in on what aspects of my life needed attention and helped me to improve in those areas. Awareness helps anyone become the best version of themselves. It has helped me in my personal life, business life, and spirituality. Highly recommended.
Paige Burnett John L. Scott Inc., Gig Harbor www.edarorea...
MyMindset feels like having an angel on my shoulder throughout each day; the gentle yet consistent reminder to choose positive thoughts, words and actions has helped me create and pursue clear goals in business, fitness, and relationships. Most importantly, MyMindset is helping me achieve balance in all aspects of my life.
Camas Baugh, Writer & Editor www.camasrai...
Waking up each morning with MyMindset has helped me make some significant changes in my life.....and in such a short time! I feel even happier and more intentional plus now I know that I can bring into my life whatever I desire. That is so amazing!
Cynthia Feek Silpada Designs Star Leader @ www.mysilpad...
MyMindset coaches have the ability to uncover and implement success into the parts in my life that I have been running from. There is nothing like kick starting my morning with coffee & MyMindset!
Travis O. - Entrepreneur
MyMindset has helped me to see the positive in each situation which has helped me to improve my business.
Julie Gonsalves, Director and Trainer with The Pampered Chef www.pampered...
MyMindset has changed AND improved my life through its daily approach to coaching. Interacting with coaches five days per week keeps my confidence up and keeps my big aspirations at the front of my brain. When you're surrounded by people who think your dreams are stupid, unattainable, selfish, etc., it is very easy to lose heart and motivation. MyMindset does not allow for that loss of energy because your beliefs and negative thought patterns are repeatedly challenged. Some days there are dramatic shifts in thinking and other days the shifts are subtle. Either way the shifts happen and your life changes. It works, if you work it.
Jen L.
MyMindset has helped to keep me grounded and focused on what is most important to meeting my goals.
MyMindset has helped me be more aware of my how I need to be organized, but need to delegate and not take on everyone's jobs.
My Mindset has helped me to focus on the things that are missing in my life and as I answer the daily questions it helps me to focus on how to improve my life. I have begun working towards repairing things that I feel are out of kilter in my life and bettering those that can be improved on. Additionally, Mindset has helped me to focus on what I need to be doing in my personal life to help others and given me ideas on how to move forward with my goals. Thanks!
MyMindset supports me in keeping goals and priorities in perspective even as life continues to swirl around.
Kudos to all the coaches of Mymindset...what a profound collaboration toward moving the sojourner into a lasting freedom of thought and action, where new and endless beginnings are possible! With much gratitude,
My Mindset has begun a chain reaction of deliberate, thoughtful, and present action in my life. Thanks to My Mindset, I now begin each day in powerfully conscious way. Thanks!!
Nicole H.
Creating/focusing on the seemingly small but happy elements of my life has a positive effect on the way I feel. Mindset served as a gentle reminder of that while encouraging an adventurous spirit toward persistence in the pursuit of setting and achieving goals.
Mindset has supported me in the way I already lived my live. It is a constant reminder that I am doing well.
MyMindset has given me clarity & focus in all areas of my life.
MyMindset has helped me to be more "present" and think about why I do or don't do the things I do throughout my day. Love it!
MyMindset has provided a daily reminder to be present and a tool to keep me focused on my personal growth and development.
Scott H.
My mindset has improved my ability to see the good in every day and find more joy in all areas of my life!
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